Friday, November 24, 2006

Holiday Programing

I have two DVRs in my home. (They are cable tv's version of TIVO.) When I had one DVR, I had what I call "TV homework." That's when you have to watch tv so you have more room for more tv. Now that I have two DVR's, I have much more room. One once did one threaten to fill up, and I just started recording more shows on the other one. (No, no. It'll work. You'll see.) In my opinion, I watch a lot of quality programming. I do almost no sitcoms, almost no reality television.

What I have noticed are some trends in holiday topics. It seems that almost all of the shows I watch involve words that I would rather not be focused on.

be with
time of the year

and actions, like...

waking up in a hospital
going home
struggling to live, then dying

Okay, I might be asking for it watching both "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy," but dangit. I wonder what the percentages are people that enjoy the holidays vs. people that do not. I ask this, because I drive for a living, and on the road this time of year, the entire population of San Diego seems to be one collective angry asshole.

Except me.


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