Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Car Expo

At the car expo, each make of car had its own area. This was nice, because you could sit in all the Fords, all the Nissans, etc, etc. Originally, I had thought I wanted a Nissan due to pricing and reliability. Sitting in them, it occurred to me that no matter how large the outside became, the inside would always be a Japanese companies' idea of what a large person needs, and not of what one actually does. A lot of cars, in fact, have the outside of my right arm touching the side of the passenger's seat. (I was really hoping to have two ride in my car this time.)

Like I said before, there were people there to answer my questions, but not to sell me on anything. I would not discover how well I had it until later, when I had to deal with car salesmen (or salesbroads).

Just before heading to the expo, I told a friend of mine what aspects that I wanted in a car, and she told me that she got her Hyundai Santa Fe for all of the same reasons. I kept that in mind as I sat in many cars, eliminating one after another. She also told me that in '07, they took the Santa Fe, remodeled it, and even better, took everything that had gone wrong with Santa Fes in the past, and FIXED IT.

This really got my attention. I left the expo that day with two cars in mind: the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Chrysler 300.

This was only the beginning.


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