Wednesday, April 02, 2008

House Of Excuses

I work in the school system. School is all about helping students reach their full potential through education and socialization. So, why is it that, at least where I work, we accept excuses and behavior from alleged adults that we would never accept from children.

Even before a problem arises, someone's knee jerk reaction is to prepare me and rationalize why they are going to fail on a regular basis. If one more person explains to me why something CANNOT be done, I am going to explode. I mean it. Look to your horizon. There will scraps of someone that thought whatever they were doing was so important that whoever is nearby can be put on hold. Lately, this is the school secretary. Despite their protests, they are not holding up walls or putting pressure on arterial wounds. The last secretary I saw as I walked in the office w/o warning was not moving her hands. She was barely moving her diaphragm as she starred out the doorway. (This is why she needs a phone call to lift both of her butts out of the chair. She is not a woman. She is one of Pavlov's dogs.)

I do not even hear the phrase, "I can't..." anymore. You see, everybody wants to tell me that what I need is impossible until we involve other people. You see excuse-makers, SOMEBODY holds your leash. You think getting off of your butt and doing your job is difficult? Try doing that while feeling embarrassment and resentment because you needed that leash jerked to bring you back to reality. Every time we do this dance, it's "I can't," discussion, then they find a way to do it. You can. If someone lights a fire under your ass, you can find a way to solve problems. You just do not want to.

I would love to survey people in other school districts and see if "I can't" is as popular a phrase as it is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just school, it's life, society, humanity....OH the humanity...
I work in an office where I too am plagued by "I Can't-itis". It's ALWAYS someone elses fault, if it's not that would result in *dramatic pause* *gasp* TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, and we can't have that.

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