Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today, while driving up a busy street, someone on the left was in the center island area, so I let them into the lane. While I did that, someone from a side street on the right also went. Fine. BUT, someone behind them ran their stop sign, because they did not feel like waiting for the next opening, and being the 3rd car, had to push in front of my vehicle. When they came to a stop, not only did I see a "BABY ON BOARD" sign, (and yes, it's in all capitals, for extra guilt) but I saw the actual car seat and actual baby.

With both Mom and Dad in front, I stuck my head out the window and yelled, "AND THE SIGN EVEN SAYS 'BABY ON BOARD.'" Dad, not only turned from the passenger seat to give me a dirty look, but removed his "shades" for impact. When they turned right, I yelled, "GOOD LUCK, BABY."

Cause, he's gonna need it.

And seriously, I don't need a sign to remind me to drive safely. Either I am or I'm not, and I do. Driving "baby safe" should be like "hate crime." There's "safe" and there's "criminal."

If you have ever driven in a school zone, one of the most selfish zones in America, you'd see that the sign needs to be turned inward.


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